Alongside’s MedRetreat Program




July 25-August 5, 2021

Alongside’s MedRetreat is a ten-day program designed specifically for healthcare professionals serving cross-culturally. In addition to daily plenary sessions on critical topics, group debriefing/counseling, and personal counseling sessions, there will be plenty of opportunity to unplug, relax, and enjoy ALONGSIDE’s beautiful campus. We encourage spouses to come as well!

Why Do I Need a Retreat?

Our counseling-centered retreat offers you a place to refocus, recharge, and be renewed. If you are a medical professional in a taxing cross-cultural working environment, MedRetreat will equip you with practices and skills that help you restore and maintain resilience. If you feel fatigued and unmotivated, you will find a restorative environment among people who really get you and will walk with you toward more joy and energy. If you feel stressed after seeing trauma day after day, or have been personally impacted by trauma, MedRetreat will help you start making sense of what is happening to you and discovering what your body and soul need to rebound. If healthcare work is affecting your closest relationships and you find yourself reactive or numb, MedRetreat will help you find strategies to restore connections.

What is the Cost?

Investing in your well-being, your marriage, and your sanity simply makes sense and…you are worth it! MedRetreat offers a tranquil, peaceful setting that complements our program. Our 125 acre campus is one of the most beautiful and relaxing pieces of property in Southwest Michigan.

The cost is $3900 per couple or $2750 per individual, which includes at least 16 plenary sessions, 9 group sessions, 8 individual counseling sessions per person, and accommodations.

Who is Running the Retreat?

All of Alongside’s qualified staff are fully licensed, professionally trained, and have many years of experience. They understand the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in cross-cultural settings and they are prepared to help.

The MedRetreat is headed up by Stan Haegert, M.D., who has been in practice for 30 years in both the U.S. and in The Gambia (family medicine).

Stan is a burnout survivor who has a surplus of knowledge to share. Stan and his wife Deb, who will also be leading training seminars, are frequently asked to conduct training for promoting wellness among healthcare professionals.