Our Approach

Deep wounds, struggle, or burnout need care and attention that is just as deep and intensive. At Alongside, our approach is to create intentional time and space for authentic healing to take place. This takes the form of a three-week retreat held in a beautiful, peaceful, residential setting. During this time, our licensed, experienced counseling staff works with pastors and missionaries to form a safe community where truth can be practiced and healing received in the context of grace and acceptance. The program has three components: wellness seminars, group counseling, and private counseling sessions. LEARN MORE.

Our overall mission at Alongside is to help missionaries, pastors, and their families grow in personal wholeness, achieve healthy relationships, and ministry effectiveness. Our desire is that God would use our ministry as an instrument of healing, of restoration, and of renewal for the sake of His Kingdom and Church.  LEARN MORE.

Alongside offers a unique ministry to both parents and to their loved ones. We understand that when the adults in the family are in pain, the children often suffer as well. The children’s and youth programs are designed for and adjusted to fit the age and developmental needs of the kids attending each retreat. Our staff is able to care for children from infancy through adolescence. Best of all, children and teens are learning and exploring the same content areas as their parents in the adult seminars. LEARN MORE.

For those in ministry, life is often lived in a uniquely public way. Alongside understands that a deep sense of safety is essential to the vulnerability and openness needed for renewal and growth. Confidentiality is not only mandated legally and ethically for counseling programs like Alongside, but it is the outward face of our core value of safety.  LEARN MORE.