Retreat-Based Counseling

Immersive Care in a Retreat Format

Alongside’s main ministry to pastors and missionaries takes the form of retreats held in a beautiful, peaceful, and residential setting. This immersive format, away from distractions, gives us space to address the whole person: physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. We help our participants gain greater insight, more effective coping skills and resilience, and new tools for greater ministry effectiveness. At the end of their program, most people leave with a renewed sense of hope – about their ministries, their families, and their relationship with God.

Our Core Program

Our signature Renewal and Growth Retreat is three weeks in length. The three-week duration allows enough time for staff and clients to form a safe community with a foundation of truth, grace, and acceptance.

The program has three components offered every day:

  • Wellness seminars that help develop new perspectives and ministry-relevant life skills.
  • Group counseling sessions that offer a safe place to share your story, to hear others’ stories of real life on the field, and to learn from each other.
  • Private counseling sessions that enable individuals and/or couples to address their personal concerns with an Alongside licensed counselor.

Each weekday begins with a community devotional, two hour-long seminars on ministry and mission-critical topics, one hour of small group, and one hour of counseling. The weekends are without programming and we encourage rest, re-creation, and Sabbath.