Mission Field/Minefield

Navigating the Mines

Before sending out his disciples, Jesus warned them of the hardships they would face. Today, the challenges are just as real: opposition from local or political bodies, language barriers, overwhelming need and limited resources, physical hardships, culture shock, and internal team pressures. Everywhere you look, there’s a mine to sidestep.

Emotional and Spiritual Impact on Missionaries

Missionaries know this. It’s part of what makes the call so invigorating, so significant. Yet the reality is, many in the field end up feeling isolated, disoriented, overwhelmed, and eventually, burned-out. Studies tell us the numbers are staggering.

At Alongside, we understand the deep challenges of ministry, especially in a cross-cultural setting. It’s our mission to help pastors and missionaries find emotional, relational, and spiritual renewal, to help them rekindle their joy and purpose, to help them reconnect with their spouse, family, and with Our Heavenly Father.