Renewal and Healing

Our Retreat Allows a Time to Reset

There is hope, even if you can’t see a way forward right now. Often what’s needed is some dedicated time for deep rest, a place to get away and be refreshed, and someone to come alongside you as a companion and guide.

Alongside is committed to the well-being of those who have put everything on the line for the call of Christ. Our mission is to help equip the weary and hurting with the resources they need to serve for a lifetime. Facilitated by counselors who know what it means to strive, struggle, and suffer in ministry themselves, Alongside offers a safe place to be authentic with people who “get it”.

A Unique Place of Renewal

Alongside has been blessed with a beautiful, wooded campus, surrounded by God’s handiwork—a perfect retreat for rest, healing, and renewal. Both campus and curriculum have been thoughtfully and lovingly designed to encourage you in re-connecting with yourself, your spouse, your family, and with Our Heavenly Father.

Through our seminars, we provide a language to begin the conversation of “what’s happened.” We provide ample time through group and individual counseling for you to dig deep with skilled clinicians who not only have professional expertise, but who are intimately acquainted with challenges similar to the ones you have faced in the field. We strive to provide a safe place where losses are acknowledged, held, and processed. We seek to create relational bonds that are supported, strengthened, and developed throughout the course of each program.