Burnout, Conflict, Breakdown

Missionary Burnout—Not the End You Imagined

Many who pour their lives into the work of the Great Commission end up working too hard for too long with too little rest. They burn out. Perhaps you can relate?

Some get burned up. Maybe they run into the frustration of red tape or team conflict and end up derailed, consumed with the injustice around them.

Some get burned at the stake. They carry the deep hurt of having been misrepresented or misunderstood. Of course, there’s the specter of physical danger too—the real possibility of incarceration, torture, even death.

The Pressure-Cooker

Getting burned, one way or another, is a constant threat. Here at Alongside, we often refer to the “pressure-cooker” effect to describe missions work, especially in a cross-cultural setting. Under constant pressure, cracks can form in our relationships, in our sense of hope and joy, in our once-settled sense of God’s presence and calling. New stressors can cause old personal issues to resurface, even if they’ve been long buried.

A Way Forward

Perhaps you or someone you love has been burned on the front lines. If so, it would be our privilege to serve you and minister to your needs at this time. Within the safety of the counseling relationship, many pastors and missionaries have been able to sort through issues both great and small and find the healing that God desires for them. Alongside is committed to helping people recapture and grow in their health, joy, and effectiveness as they live out their calling.