Retreat Fees

Program Fees

Renewal and Growth Retreats

  • One person: $5,300
  • Couple: $6,975

Fees include 13 individual counseling sessions per couple, 14 group counseling sessions per person, assessments, client intakes, over 30 hours of wellness seminars, and housing. Meals are not covered, but each suite is equipped with full kitchen facilities for convenient meal preparation.  We also offer children and youth programs, please see below.

Shepherd’s Way

  • One person: $5,300
  • Couple: $6,975


February 6-17, 2023 (includes meals; Schulenberg, TX)

  • One person: $3,000 shared room
  • One person: $3,950 private room
  • Couple: $4,950

June 12-23, 2023 (does not include meals)

  • One person: $3,050
  • Couple: $4,300                     

Marriage Rekindled

  • Couple: $2,250


Children’s Program

When you are in programing, we will be teaching your children the same skills in emotional and spiritual wellness—just at their level! The Alongside Children’s program runs from 8:40 AM-3:30 PM every weekday, with an hour break for lunch (families eat together).

  • Renewal and Growth: $1,175 per child
  • MedRetreat (June 2023 only): $800 per child
  • Shepherd’s Way: Not Available
  • Marriage Rekindled: Not Available

Youth Program

The youth also focus on the same topics as their parents and younger siblings, but in a discussion and activity driven format.

  • Renewal and Growth: $1,175 per teenager ages 13-18              
  • Shepherd’s Way: Not Available
  • MedRetreat: Not Available
  • Marriage Rekindled: Not Available


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