Program Goals

Our Mission

The mission of all programs offered at Alongside is the same: we are dedicated to helping Christian pastors, missionaries, leaders, and their families grow in personal wholeness, healthy relationships, and ministry effectiveness. This is the essence of our purpose and our mission. Our desire is that God would use our ministry as an instrument of healing, of restoration, and of renewal for the sake of His Kingdom and Church.

Three Means of Renewal

With this purpose as our foundation, we have the following three goals that we desire to meet for our guests:

  1. Place: We offer you a safe place, a place of rest and peace, a place of privacy and healing in a confidential community, and a place of grace. Every part of the Alongside environment was designed considering the unique pressures and challenges of pastors and missionaries.
  2. Process: We work together with you to identify and understand the current issues in your personal life and ministry life that need to be addressed. We then provide the necessary tools and counsel to better understand and care for your emotional and spiritual needs, your ministry context, and the challenges of Christian ministry and leadership.
  3. Preparation: We equip you for effective, fruitful ministry and personal flourishing by helping you develop better communication and relational skills, healthy life/ministry balance, improved adaptability and resilience, and a clearer sense of your identity and divine call.