We Take Your Privacy and Safety Seriously

For most in ministry, life is lived in a uniquely public way. At Alongside, we understand that feeling a deep sense of safety is essential to the kind of vulnerability and openness needed for renewal and growth. Confidentiality is not only mandated legally and ethically for counseling programs like Alongside, but it is the outward face of our core value of safety. Safety means not only safety for one’s physical self, but is also meant in a relational, psychological, and spiritual sense. No one can honestly and carefully examine where and why it hurts without first feeling safe.

Protecting Your Confidentiality

Here are some ways we protect and practice confidentiality. We take into consideration our guests’ ministry affiliations, denominations, and sending agencies when we accept applicants for our retreats. We keep in mind their geographic context to ensure an atmosphere of privacy, authenticity, and transparency. We do not release information to anyone (e.g., sending organizations, churches, member care providers) unless the client gives written permission to do so. We do our best to create a program atmosphere within which our guests have control over what is known or not known about them. A print copy of our full privacy policy is available.