Renewal & Growth Retreat

Our Core Program

Our signature Renewal and Growth Retreat is offered 12 times a year at our beautiful Southwest Michigan campus. We have meticulously thought through every detail of your stay. Our campus was designed with the purpose of fostering rest, renewal, and deep life change. Our approach and curriculum have been shaped and refined over two decades by pastors and missionaries, for pastors and missionaries. Our counselors are licensed and uniquely gifted and trained to work with people in ministry. Our staff is warm and hospitable, many of whom have also served cross-culturally.

What happens at the Retreat?

We will come alongside you in your journey and walk with you into new understanding, deep rest, and renewal. Each program that we offer has three main components:

  • Wellness seminars – Over many years of work with people in ministry, our skilled counselors identified consistent concerns and designed seminars to address them head-on.
  • Group Counseling – Each weekday you will meet with a cohort of other ministry leaders in a safe environment.
  • Private Counseling – Each weekday you will meet as a couple or individual with your assigned therapist.

This is all provided in the context of a caring community, in a safe place. The schedule is not packed – it has some room and space, so you can breathe.

What Will My Kids Be Doing?

We have two classrooms designed for our children’s program. In one classroom, kids ranging from 5 to 12 years old will learn through activities, multimedia, and loving instruction from our caring and experienced children’s staff. In the other classroom, children under age 5 are lovingly cared for by our Pre-K children’s team, who also theme their days around the same content that the rest of the family is learning.

While parents are in their program, the Alongside kids crew will host the children from 8:30 AM-3:30 pm each weekday (with a break for lunch) as well as during two special evening events. The children will not be ‘cooped up’ in a classroom the whole program, we have a full-sized gym and two playgrounds where kids can RUN, play line-tag, and participate in other fun activities with our skilled staff.

To learn about upcoming retreat dates, visit Upcoming Dates.