Our Programs

Our Programs Renew Mind, Body and Soul


  • Serving from a place of wholeness rather than frenzied existence
  • Feeling in step with the Father rather than feeling distance
  • Recovering from burnout, exhaustion, or trauma, and knowing how to move forward
  • Coming to a place where your whole family can be cared for by people who understand the challenges of ministry

Imagine yourself at Alongside.

We offer three renewal programs in a retreat format:

  1. Our signature three-week Renewal and Growth Retreat (for individuals, couples, and families) is led by licensed, experienced counselors. Every staff member has extensive experience in ministry and many have also found themselves in difficult circumstances. We will listen carefully, explore your story with you, and seek how the Lord wants to redeem it. Our retreats have evolved over almost two decades of experience serving pastors and missionaries whose stories might look a lot like yours. We will come alongside you in your journey and accompany you toward a place of understanding, deep rest, and renewal.
  2. Our Marriage Rekindled Retreat (for couples in ministry) is also led by counselors who really get the challenges of ministry and their impact on marriages. It is designed for couples that want to strengthen their connection—emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.
  3. MedRetreat (for healthcare professionals serving cross-culturally) was designed and is led by healthcare professionals who have also served cross-culturally. The unique stressors, interpersonal challenges, and demanding nature of your work require an approach to refocusing, recharging, and renewal crafted specifically for you, your spouse, and your family.

Regardless of your work setting, coming alongside you is our calling and privilege.