Jody Hesler, M.A.

Adjunct Counselor

Jody Hesler

Jody Hesler grew up in rural Ohio. She graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, with a B.A. in Organizational Communication. After graduation she became interested in working overseas. In 1993, she moved to Ukraine where she learned Russian and began working among Ukrainian people. She worked for several years in the Crimea with at-risk children. Along with her Ukrainian co-workers Jody founded and directed a program for at risk children which provided help for their practical as well as spiritual needs. The program grew to include a national foster-care and adoption system. Jody is still an active part of that program as a board member. In 2002, she stepped out of the program and moved to Central Asia where she worked for 10 years. In 2012 she returned to the U.S. to study counseling. She graduated from Wheaton College with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology in May, 2014. Jody brings over 19 years of overseas experience and is passionate about caring for wounded and weary international workers.