Jeanne Jensma, M.R.E., Ph.D.

Director of Counseling

Jeanne Jensma

Jeanne grew up in New Jersey. She graduated from Hope College and taught middle school and high school for several years. From there Jeanne went on to seminary, graduating with a specialization in missions. She served as a missionary for a little over a decade in Brazil. Jeanne’s primary ministry was in the area of teaching and administration at a bilingual, dual-curriculum Christian school for MKs, Brazilians, and third-country nationals, but her ministry also included assisting in church planting. As a result of her experiences with MKs and their parents, Jeanne began to see the importance of making available counseling targeted to the specific needs of missionaries and their families. This led Jeanne to pursue an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School and then a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology (Biola University). Jeanne is a licensed psychologist.