History of the Ministry

ALONGSIDE is the “daughter ministry” of Tuscarora Resource Center, which was founded in 1986 in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, to minister to pastors, missionaries, and their families in times of emergency, heartache, personal tragedy, burnout, or distress. After the Home-going of the ministry’s founder, Reidar Senum, in 1997, financial sustainability became a great challenge, resulting in the reorganization of the ministry in 2000 under the name ALONGSIDE, which better describes the nature and purpose of the ministry.

Under the leadership of Dr. Jeanne Jensma, Executive Director and Clinical Director, ALONGSIDE moved to Michigan in 2002, where it leased office space and client lodging from Gull Lake Ministries on beautiful Gull Lake for over a decade. God greatly blessed both ministries, until there was no longer enough room to share the same campus. After the move to Michigan, God also blessed ALONGSIDE greatly by way of providing an outstanding Board of Directors that has been instrumental in guiding the course of this then-fledgling ministry in its attempt at a “do over!”

In 2010 the Lord brought John DeKruyter to serve as our executive director, and Dr. Roger Boyd joined Dr. Jeanne Jensma and Stephen Maybee on our counseling staff. Under John’s leadership, the Lord provided a spectacular new campus in 2011. Client lodging was built and nicely furnished in 2012, thanks to God’s blessing on John’s efforts to engage many new ministry partners and expand the donor base. There had also been a steady increase in clients throughout these years, and ALONGSIDE served four times as many clients in 2012 as had been served in 2002.

Today ALONGSIDE offers a beautiful campus with nicely appointed lodging to Christian leaders who desire a directed retreat with professional counseling. Thanks be to God for all He has provided!