The following is a list of endorsements from ministry leaders who recommend the work of ALONGSIDE:

ALONGSIDE’s staff and programs are the gold standard in member care today for full-time Christian workers. It’s the place we send our MTI staff when they are hurting and needing restoration. Thanks to ALONGSIDE, God’s front-line servants continue serving – rather than quietly finding the back door and sneaking out into the cold world feeling defeated and confused. We at MTI highly recommend their staff and programs for your people!”
Dr. Stephen Sweatman
President and CEO, Mission Training International

“Our organization interfaces with literally thousands of cross-cultural workers annually. Frequently we come across people who are facing extremely difficult and painful circumstances that require more focused and specialized care. For the past many years, I have been so very grateful to send people to ALONGSIDE so that they can receive such care in a professional and excellent manner. Again and again we have seen people deeply aided in their efforts to move forward effectively after attending an ALONGSIDE retreat.”
Scott E. Shaum
Director of Staff Development, Barnabas International

“As the Directors of Pastoral Care for The Salvation Army Eastern Territory, USA, my wife and I were, until our recent retirement, responsible for providing pastoral support and arranging counseling for Salvation Army Officers (clergy). One of our favorite resources for couples who needed an intensive residential program was ALONGSIDE. Dozens of couples who were trying to cope with the pressures of ministry as well as problems in their marriages reported solid and long lasting benefits from their time at ALONGSIDE. In addition, the denomination received (with consent) very helpful summaries of the client’s situation that allowed those responsible for making future ministry appointments to make decisions that helped their progress and healing. We highly recommend the ALONGSIDE program and personnel to those in need of a focused jump start with marital struggles.”
Gary Asperschlager, Lt. Colonel
Pastoral Care, The Salvation Army

“We first came in contact with ALONGSIDE in the late autumn of 2002. We were spiraling as we dealt with the loss of our child, the difficulties of our first term overseas in a remote location, my father’s terminal illness, and the depression we were experiencing. ALONGSIDE was a God-send as it gave us the place, relationships, and skills to begin to understand what God was doing in our lives. ALONGSIDE was the context of God-initiated healing for us. Since then, as we have moved into our organization’s leadership, we have sent six individuals and two couples to ALONGSIDE as they encountered overwhelming and critical issues in their lives and ministries. All of them are healthier, more hopeful, and are living out God’s calling on their lives. “
Dan (last name & organization withheld to protect identity)

“The stress of cross-cultural ministry often takes quite a toll on individuals and families. Sometimes this goes beyond our abilities and resources as an agency to adequately care for and resolve, and this can lead to attrition. The Renewal & Growth Retreat at ALONGSIDE is a well-designed and balanced approach to help these valued members move back toward spiritual and emotional health. As a result, we have missionaries who have not only been able to return to ministry, but are more effective than before!”
Bruce Cannon
US Director of Personnel & Member Care, SEND International

“As a member care provider for my mission, ALONGSIDE is a resource that I refer people to many times a year. Their intensive and thorough psychological care has been extremely helpful to our team, and the format also fits more easily into their schedules. The program is well planned and carried out by skilled, experienced, and compassionate staff. I could not do my job as well if it were not for a place like ALONGSIDE.”
Alice Hatch
Member Care Coordinator, MTW

ALONGSIDE has become an indispensable ally in resourcing the wellness of our missionaries. Our organization has healthier and more effective workers serving for the long-haul in Great Commission ministry because of their incredible staff and program.”
Tim Hibschman
Director of Missionary Care, Global Partners

“A number of TEAM workers have benefitted from the ministry of ALONGSIDE. I have confidence in the competence, compassion, and cross cultural ministry sensitivity of ALONGSIDE. It is easy for me to recommend them to our workers as well as other organizations.”
Steven G. Edlin
Director, TEAM Counseling Office