Youth Program

When parents are hurting, their children are impacted. Adolescence is a time of developing patterns of turning TO God in the difficult times of life or turning AWAY from Him. ALONGSIDE’s teen program meets teens at their level and place of need, encouraging them to move TOWARD God by helping them find healing in their hurt, help for their struggles, and answers to their questions.

Listening, acceptance, flexibility, and community characterize our youth program. The program is made up of seminar sessions that the teens participate in with their parents, followed by time with our youth staff to discuss the material and pursue learning activities. Teens will be able to learn from our staff, process what they are learning, and apply it to their hearts and lives.

We have counselors on staff who are experienced in working with children and teens who can be available to meet with your teens for counseling. It may not be possible to schedule this extra counseling, if you do not request it ahead of time. If you would like counseling for your teens, please let us know when you apply for a retreat.