The following is a list of some of the seminars that we offer in our ALONGSIDE Renewal and Growth Retreats. The actual seminars that we teach at a given retreat are dependent upon the particular needs of our current clients.

  • Burnout
    When your tank reads ‘empty’
  • Loss & Grief
    Establishing a healthy process for healing
  • Conflict Management
    Understanding the nature of conflict and managing its effects
  • God-Image
    Recovering a biblical understanding of God
  • Forgiveness
    Modeling the nature of God in our relationships
  • Community
    Understanding the power of Christian community in life and in ministry
  • Emotions
    Understanding and managing our emotions
  • Anger
    The upside and downside of anger
  • Stress Management
    Learning how to handle stress constructively
  • Family Systems
    Understanding your family of origin and its influence
  • Sabbath
    Implementing God’s rhythm for life
  • Listening
    Learning to minimize misunderstandings
  • Facing Adversity
    Overcoming pain and disappointment in life and ministry
  • Addictions
    Overcoming destructive patterns
  • The TCK Experience
    Raising children in a non-native culture

A complete list of all of the seminars that we offer is available at your request – please contact us for more information.