When you attend an ALONGSIDE retreat, you will stay in one of our new custom-built guest houses. Designed from the ground up to accommodate the living needs of our guests during the retreat, each guest house can accommodate up to five families in their own private living quarters, giving us a total living capacity of ten families. Each house contains suites that are tailored for singles, couples, or families with children, and the houses are also handicap accessible. There are also laundry facilities available in each guest house.

One of the ways that we tailor our retreats to each individual guest is by allowing our guests to decide how they will handle their meals. Meals are not included in the ALONGSIDE retreat; our guests purchase their own groceries and eat on their own schedule. Each guest suite is equipped with a full kitchen, and some guests choose to eat their meals in the privacy of their own suite. There is also a large common kitchen/dining area in each guest house so that our guests can eat their meals in community if they choose. As the emotional bond between our guests deepens, evening meals are occasionally eaten together in a sense of Christian community; however, participation is optional.

The living accommodations are designed to allow our guests to decide how much alone time and/or fellowship time they need, and each suite is specially insulated for greater privacy. Cell phone service is available in our area, but due to the remoteness of our location cell phone service can be sporadic.