“We came to ALONGSIDE exhausted from over 12 years of ministry demands, losses, and disappointment. We also had many victories in ministry, but came to realize that the victories were often as draining as the losses. We were at a place where we needed soul care, and we desired 1) understanding by others with similar experience, 2) understanding of what led us to our current place, and 3) the tools to guide us into our next season of ministry. Our ultimate goal was to be healthy in life and ministry and to finish well. I can truly say that we found all three at ALONGSIDE. The staff and community provided us not only the mutual understanding that we sought but they challenged us in some of our practices and assumptions. We gained many new tools for use back on the field, and we leave feeling healthy and with both hope and anticipation. Thank you for ministering to us – you have blessed us more than you will ever know!”

A missionary serving in Africa