Since the beginning of this ministry, over 1,000 Christian leaders have attended an ALONGSIDE retreat. These pastors and missionaries have come to us from dozens of countries all over the world, and their ministries are as diverse as the Body of Christ itself. At ALONGSIDE, we believe that the best proof of our ministry is in the stories of these former clients, and the following is a sampling of a few of these stories. Where necessary, details have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.


"We never had a chance to say good-bye ..." read more

Healed by Jesus

"I needed Alongside more than I could have ever imagined" read more

A skeptic no longer

"This program ought to be mandatory for all pastors and missionaries!" read more

A heavy loss

"I came to Alongside so depressed ..." read more


"We were at a place where we needed soul care" read more

Balancing family and ministry

“In the past two years the demands of ministry caught up to us" read more

Thankful and blessed

"I arrived at Alongside bursting with pain, disappointment, and broken dreams" read more

Better prepared

"I am so thankful for God’s goodness to me through the ministry of ALONGSIDE" read more